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Post  Admin on Sat Jan 16, 2010 12:54 pm

These are the avatars of the clan:

Naruto-Arena avatars Baraha2micNaruto-Arena avatars KyubiiNaruto-Arena avatars SakuraNaruto-Arena avatars Naruto4Naruto-Arena avatars Naruto3Naruto-Arena avatars Naruto1Naruto-Arena avatars NarutoNaruto-Arena avatars Kyubii2Naruto-Arena avatars Kyubii1Naruto-Arena avatars KakashiShikaNaruto-Arena avatars Gaara1Naruto-Arena avatars Naruto5Naruto-Arena avatars Naruto2Naruto-Arena avatars Kyubii3Naruto-Arena avatars Deidara1Naruto-Arena avatars DeidaraNaruto-Arena avatars HidanNaruto-Arena avatars Hidan2Naruto-Arena avatars Hidan3Naruto-Arena avatars KakuzuNaruto-Arena avatars Sasorideidara

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